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by Mar 28, 2020

How Products Are Rated

No one wants to pay over the odds for a pair of shoes, we know the deal – humans are renowned for loving a good bargain, so we’ve kept this in mind. Our top 3 choices (which you will find in each of our reviews) are made up of the following:

1. Top Pick – this is our mid-range, but “best of both worlds” shoe. This product is of a reasonable price, and the most popular among buyers. It is a great mix of value, high quality and popularity.

2. Premium Choice – this one is for those who are happy to pay a little extra for the best of the best, the “cream of the crop”, if you will. This product is a little pricier than the rest, usually, but it is the highest quality option – while also being adored by previous buyers.

3. Best Value – Rather self-explanatory, this option is popular among buyers for being what they need, at a very good and reasonable price. Following our top 3, but only just coming after, the rest of the greatest shoes on the market – all of our products are great, of course! It’s only the best, here at Wireler.com.

It is worth noting that none of the products we review on the site are paid to be here. Our team choose products that we feel are the best of the best. This is based on a number of different factors including what the actual customers think of the product. If you are a manufacturer and feel your product should be featured, please contact us and we can have a chat!