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Tila Tequila: Paris Hilton Killed My Fiancee & I’m Possessed By Satan

Tila Tequila Paris Hilton Killed My Fiancee Im Possessed By Satan
Tila Tequila Paris Hilton Killed My Fiancee Im Possessed By Satan

Tila Tequila: Paris Hilton Killed My Fiancee & I’m Possessed By Satan | Wireler

Hey, issues received fairly loopy this week, did not they, America?

It’s occasions like this that we’d like the real batsh-t madness of somebody like Tila Tequila to remind us that issues might all the time be marginally worse.

As a few of our older readers could recall, Ms. Tequila was a preferred determine on MyHouse, which was an arcane rune-based communications system standard amongst early hominids within the days earlier than Facebook.

The website died an unpleasant, untimely dying after overdosing on the tens of millions of HTML customizations and Fall Out Boy movies everybody crammed into their private pages, however Tila’s notoriety has survived.

The purpose that she’s been capable of maintain our curiosity is that she’s palms down the craziest superstar on the planet.

You’re most likely asking your self, how might she be crazier than Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, Donald John Trump?

To which we are saying, imagine it or not, Tila wins that contest by a mile.

We might rattle off a decade’s price of weird incidents as proof — such because the time she claimed to have proof that Michelle Obama is secretly a person, or the various occasions she insisted she’s some type of alien Nazi.

Instead, we’ll simply share this new video by which Tila casually explains that she was possessed for a number of years and Paris Hilton murdered her fiancee.

“So back in 2012 I was in Hollywood and I was in the world of Satan. I was possessed by Satan. Hollywood is a platform built by Satan,” Tila tells the digital camera.

“They kept sending me to doctors to overdose me and kill me.”

From there Tila goes on to explain how the dying of her fiancee Casey Johnson was the results of a Satanic ritual orchestrated by Paris and Nicki Hilton.

“Paris and Nicky Hilton sacrificed Casey whereas I used to be in Texas. All of the demonic chicks like Courtenay Semel, Jasmine Lennard, The Hilton sisters went towards me as a result of they have been the one who sacrificed her,” Tequila says.

“She advised me all of their secrets and techniques after which they tried to sacrifice me.”

From there, the women busted out some Xans and eight balls, as a result of apparently, that is customary following a ritual sacrifice.

“I was disgusted,” Tila says “So I took two Xanax bars and did two eight balls of cocaine. Satan had me so on medication.”

Check out the entire 40-minute (!!!) video for extra madness.

Hopefully, it is the primary episode of a brand new speak present entitled It’s the Tequila Talking!

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