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Southern Charm Cast Reacts to Ashley Jacobs’ Attack on Kathryn Dennis

Southern Charm Cast Reacts to Ashley Jacobs Attack on Kathryn Dennis
Southern Charm Cast Reacts to Ashley Jacobs Attack on Kathryn Dennis

Southern Charm Cast Reacts to Ashley Jacobs’ Attack on Kathryn Dennis | Wireler

Southern Charm could also be entertaining, but it surely would not at all times dwell up to its title. 

On the newest episode, the explosion of hostility that Ashley Jacobs unleashed on Kathryn Dennis was sufficient to have viewers holding their breath. And the aftermath of that struggle was simply as nuts.

Relive all of it on this video compilation, and try how even Kathryn’s detractors are raving about how she stayed cool below stress.

Thomas Ravenel is accused of sexual assault by two completely different ladies. The newest episode of Southern Charm, filmed a while in the past, might be not going to assist anybody’s picture of the person.

His new girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, unleashed verbal hell on his ex, Kathryn Dennis — who can also be the mom of his two younger youngsters.

In specific, Ashley fixated on Kathryn’s alleged shortcomings as a mum or dad, claiming that she spends extra time with the children than Kathryn, their mom, does.

Thomas did nothing, however later unleashed his personal rage at Chelsea Meissner, lunging at her and telling her to “shut the f–k up.”

(You can see that clip on the finish of the video that we included)

Kathryn someway labored up the resolve and energy of character to stay cool below stress.

Viewers had been completely dumbstruck by the tirade.

There isn’t any higher instance of how Southern Charm viewers felt than these tweets by superfan Chrissy Teigen.

“@ShepRose that was the meanest s–t I’ve ever heard said on reality television. I don’t know how @KathrynDennis did it! I’d be in jail.”

It’s spectacular that anybody might sit there and hear to a tirade of cruelty like that with out lashing out.

“Also of ALL the s–t she said, ‘good talk’ would have been the f–king END for me. I would have launched.”

Chrissy then realized that her feedback had been thrust onto the timelines of her numerous followers.

“Crap is this a public convo on the timeline now that there is no @ in front lol.”

Yep — until your account is ready to personal, something that you just tweet outdoors of DMs is publicly seen.

Shep responded, writing:

“Totally harshed my mellow. Crazy thing is, it was more intense than it looked. If you can believe it.”

Viewers weren’t the one ones blown away by Kathryn’s remaining cool below stress whereas Ashley made a idiot of herself.

Fellow castmates had quite a bit to say.

Danni Baird stated:

“I just felt sick to my stomach. Terrible … their kids are going to see that someday!”

Naomie Olindo agreed, including:

“What she said was disgusting.”

Naomie additionally commented on how Ashley had acted the following day as if nothing had occurred in any respect.

“I think that’s when we realized she’s really over-the edge-crazy.”

Kathryn explains precisely how she stayed calm.

“I blacked the f–k out, disassociated, and was in like, shock, panic.”

We assume that she meant to say dissociated. Those are very related phrases.

“Old Kathryn would have flipped the eff out and gone ape-s–t on her … but everyone saw that [Ashley] was just trying to entertain.”

Clearly, Kathryn has undergone some private progress. Good for her.

“She was on display, she was enjoying it. And when I saw that, I was like hmm, you don’t deserve a response.”

That was undoubtedly the appropriate transfer.

Kathryn additionally commented on how Ashley appeared eerily chipper the following morning, seemingly unable to admit what she had achieved … or learn the strain within the room.

“OK, you have zero empathy or regret or anything over that … so clearly, you’re confirming that you really are crazy.”

She provides an entertainingly memorable line:

“But certifiable, not simply hypothetical.”

Rumor means that Kathryn plans to convey up Thomas’ sexual assault allegations in court docket later this week in an effort to win custody.

Fans can’t assist however marvel if she will even point out that Thomas introduces ladies with questionable conduct to his youngsters.

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