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Scott Disick: If You Can’t Buy REAL Diamonds, Don’t Buy Anything!

Scott Disick If You Cant Buy REAL Diamonds Dont Buy Anything
Scott Disick If You Cant Buy REAL Diamonds Dont Buy Anything

Scott Disick: If You Can’t Buy REAL Diamonds, Don’t Buy Anything! | Wireler

it seems like Scott Disick and Sofia Richie are in love. It additionally seems like, if Scott decides to place a hoop on it, he’ll be presenting Sofia with old style diamonds.

We say this as a result of Scott simply posted a seemingly random rant about diamonds, and which diamonds he considers to be “valid” or not.

Is he a spokesperson for the diamond business … or has he been going ring-shopping not too long ago?

In a submit that was neither tagged as an advert nor labored as any kind of “partnership,” Scott wirtes:

“Diamonds are THE LORD’s best friend!!!!!”

We do not understand how else we’d have anticipated for him to start out this submit.

“I’ve stacked up a pretty nice collection here.”

We’re certain that Scott owns all kinds of diamond jewellery — and that he has purchased much more.

“But one thing is for sure I would never buy anything but real diamonds.”

By “real,” he refers to diamonds that fashioned over thousands and thousands of years within the floor, fairly than these created with science.

“There are companies out there now talking about cultured or cultivated or above ground diamonds. AYFKM?”

By “AYFKM,” he means are you f–king kidding me. He’s, uh, very indignant about his dense chunks of carbon.

Scott goes on to ridicule the concept of shopping for diamonds that weren’t extracted from below piles of grime.

“Seriously, What person in their right mind would buy ANYTHING BUT THE REAL THING?”

Someone who is not wealthy. Or somebody who perceive what diamonds are. Or somebody who’s unwilling to assist the diamond business for political causes.

“I think it’s an ass-backward move if you do because they HAVE ZERO VALUE, and how could you walk around wearing something FAKE?”

Hilarious to see somebody speaking about diamonds and worth with no hint of irony.

“Trust me on this one, if you are buying diamonds for yourself or someone else make sure that they were not grown in a FACTORY or anything like that.”

Well, if there’s one individual we belief to offer us recommendation, it is Scott Disick. His selections are at all times good ones, proper?

“Make sure they are the real deal. #GetReal”

So, diamonds are mainly the identical as coal. They’re carbon, fashioned from largely prehistoric plant particles. Millions of years of warmth and strain created these diamonds.

Diamonds aren’t particularly uncommon. They are costly as a result of the diamond business buys them en masse after which sits on a stockpile so as to create a man-made shortage available in the market.

In actual life, diamonds are largely simply beneficial for industrial functions.

Artificial diamonds might be created in a laboratory, and less expensive, are positively nonetheless diamonds, and — most significantly for many individuals — they aren’t “blood diamonds.”

The time period “blood diamond” or “conflict diamond” applies to diamonds mined in struggle zones, significantly in Africa, and the sale of those diamonds is used to fund these conflicts.

Many contemplate the diamond business to be unethical and plenty of, significantly Millennials, present much less curiosity in diamonds than earlier generations did.

Scott Disick is in that place in life the place he is wealthy sufficient to be actually, actually wealthy … however not so wealthy that he is above enjoying spokesperson on Instagram for the precise value.

We’re not claiming that he was paid or compensated on this explicit submit … although many assume that he was.

It is totally attainable that Scott was requested to make that submit by the diamond business, though he didn’t point out that it was an advert and a few query if he’s in violation of FCC rules.

Some followers put Scott on blast for ridiculing individuals who aren’t millionaires. He posted that picture from a non-public jet.

“A lot of us regular people might not have the means to buy real.”

Another sounded prepared to tug out the guillotine.

“Another day and another celebrity showing how out of touch they are with the world. I think we normal people need to take back what the 1% have hoarded away from us for so long.”

But possibly — hear us out — Scott simply has diamonds on his thoughts.

Because issues appear to be getting more and more critical with teenage girlfriend Sofia Richie.

Though he by no means married Kourtney, maybe he’s gearing as much as suggest to Sofia — who many say is clearly in love with him.

It is rumored that Scott needs to get Sofia pregnant, and whereas that has but to be confirmed, their relationship appears very shut.

It’s not not possible to think about that he’s considering of dropping ot one knee and proposing to her.

if he does, we’re guessing that he’ll go for a “real” diamond.

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