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Rihanna & Seth Meyers Just Became BFFs After Getting Day Drunk Together!

Rihanna Seth Meyers Just Became BFFs After Getting Day
Rihanna Seth Meyers Just Became BFFs After Getting Day

Rihanna & Seth Meyers Just Became BFFs After Getting Day Drunk Together! | Wireler

Rihanna and Seth Meyers are our new favourite consuming buddies. 

During final night time’s boozy episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers, the singer joined the host for a pleasant afternoon of day consuming. 

And by good I imply they bought completely white lady wasted.

And the footage was fairly unbelievable. 

The menu was comprised of signature drinks impressed by the Grammy winner, which included: 

Under My Rum-brella (rum, chocolate rum balls, rum raisin ice cream, and plenty of umbrellas); Diamonds within the Rye (rye whiskey and blue diamond milk); and Bitch Better Have my Bunny (chocolate bunny and tequila).

Oh, and final however not least, We Found Veuve in a Hostess Place, which was champagne and twinkies. 

Rihanna was not a fan of that cocktail particularly, however Seth gladly devoured his scrumptious creation. 

“Now it’s time for our first drinking game,” Seth defined to an understandably confused RiRi. 

“I feel like we’ve just been drinking. This is a game. There are right or wrong answers.”

Pulling up previous photographs of Rihanna’s most iconic outfits, he started quizzing her on the place she wore every particular look.

The guidelines have been fairly simple: 

If she bought it proper, he drank. 

If she was fallacious, she drank. 

But Seth wasn’t excellent on the recreation as a result of he requested her the only of questions! 

Remember when she mainly dressed because the Pope to the 2018 Met Gala? 

Yeah, so did she. 

Seth downed 2 photographs whereas Rihanna stated, “We’re in for a wild day!”

Continuing up their first spherical of enjoyable, they adopted with a special exercise. 

“I think we all know bartenders are really good at giving advice,” stated Seth.

“I’m going to give you a drink and I want to give you the opportunity to ask me anything you want to ask me and I will give you advice on it.”

Rihanna requested (hypothetically!) what different career she ought to pursue if she have been to give up music.

“Pilot school,” stated Seth. “Because, why not?”

He then requested, “I want to, like, blow my wife away with a romantic night out. What do I do?”

“You said it,” explains Rihanna. “Blow your wife.”

Her hilarious response shocked the host as he stated, “Rihanna! This is a network television show!”

The new besties then exchanged and practiced choose up traces on one another whereas furthering their alcohol consumption. 

And earlier than the 2 ultimately referred to as it a day (and possibly ended up over the bathroom) Rihanna gave Seth a makeover utilizing her Fenty magnificence assortment.

“You have wrinkles,” she advised him, as he started performing a questionable rendition of her 2016 hit, “Work”.

Clearly, the 2 have been in a great place and having fun with one another’s firm as a result of RiRi requested, “Can we have another shot?!” (& they did) 

Unfortunately, the present needed to wrap and announce final name for now. 

But it is secure to say we took one particular factor away from this section:  

Rihanna takes tequila photographs with out a lime. 

She did it a number of occasions all through the section and we will not even act like we weren’t impressed.

Rihanna is untamed, folks! 

Happy Friday. May your weekend be stuffed with loads of champagne and twinkies, however maintain the lime. 

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