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Meghan Markle: FORCING the Royal Family to Deny Diva Rumors?

Meghan Markle FORCING the Royal Family to Deny Diva Rumors
Meghan Markle FORCING the Royal Family to Deny Diva Rumors

Meghan Markle: FORCING the Royal Family to Deny Diva Rumors? | Wireler

Reports in numerous tabloids have Meghan Markle feuding with Prince William, Duchess Kate, and the Queen herself.

Kensington Palace has been taking pictures down these rumors left and proper.

But a brand new report says that it has been at Meghan’s insistence, and that she needs to herald a Hollywood publicist.

RadarOnline experiences that Meghan is so uninterested in being portrayed as a demanding beast in the media that she needs to do harm management.

“Meghan wants to hire a Hollywood publicist,” an insider claims.

“She’s losing trust in her advisors,” the supply says.

The insider continues: and feels they’re hanging her out to dry.”


Further breaks with custom might not go over nicely — or have the impact that she reportedly needs.

The rumors about Meghan Markle’s diva calls for are fixed.

Some declare that she’s driving devoted staffers to stop their jobs.

Then there is a current story wherein she allegedly made Kate Middleton break down into tears.

She’s additionally stated to have snapped at the different household’s staffers.

But Kensington Palace, which hardly ever addresses these tabloid rumors unprompted, did tackle these incidents.

“This by no means occurred,” the Palace reported.

According to the inside supply that spoke to RadarOnline, nevertheless, the palace’s denial is simply additional proof of Meghan’s obsession with publicity.

“Meghan demanded that the palace remark and defend her,” the insider claims.

“They don’t normally reply,” the supply notes.

The insider continues: “however she was freaking out, saying in the event that they don’t reply she is going to.”

So she’s allegedly utilizing threats to deal with issues herself to change how the total royal family operates.

We’re additionally meant to imagine that she is annoyed that Prince Harry will not go on tv to shoot down these rumors.

“Harry is lovestruck,” the insider affirms.

“But,” the source claims. “You can inform even he’s getting exasperated.

The insider says that Harry is on his final nerve “with the way she’s steamrolled over his life.”

One would suppose that, if he did not like her affect on his life, he wouldn’t have married her.

It’s alarming to hear of somebody trodding throughout their partner’s household and turning a corporation on its head.

But is it true?

We have to keep in mind that there isn’t a affirmation that any of this has taken place.

In truth, nothing that we all know for certain about Meghan makes this appear probably in any respect.

All of this does sound like the habits that we’d count on from some folks, nevertheless.

Meghan’s evil half-sister Samantha Grant and her blundering father, Thomas Markle, sound like the kinds of people that would freak out about each tabloid story.

We suspect that Kensington Palace and Meghan Markle are each of 1 thoughts about the rumors that come up about her.

They’re ridiculous, however they do not warrant something greater than a easy official denial, if that.


Because in fact some folks dislike Meghan.

Maybe they really feel that Harry’s spouse needs to be British, or white.

Others might not-so-secretly resent her as a result of they themselves had harbored a crush on Prince Harry.

So there are people who find themselves keen to imagine something damaging about her.

And then there are people who find themselves simply plain bored, and wish to hear one thing attention-grabbing about the Royal Family.

Those people ought to simply strap in and look forward to Meghan’s due date.

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