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Kylie Jenner: Why She No Longer Wants to Marry Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Planning a HUGE 30 Million Wedding
Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Planning a HUGE 30 Million Wedding

Kylie Jenner: Why She No Longer Wants to Marry Travis Scott | Wireler

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have moved in collectively in an opulent $13.5 million residence.

They share a toddler and live collectively, however a brand new report says that they will not be getting married any time quickly.

Now that Kylie is a billionaire, she’s realized that it is perhaps smarter for her to wait.

HollywoodLife experiences that Kylie is not hyped to marry Travis Scott for one superb purpose.

“Kylie is head over heels in love with Travis,” the insider experiences.

“And,” the supply continues, Kylie is “excited and happy that they are buying a home together.”

The insider says: “She has always wanted to get married young, buy a home, start a family.”

So have numerous her fellow Millennials, however many lack the means to do even a type of, not to mention all three.

She’s hitting these milestones, the supply says, “and all of her dreams are slowly coming true.”

So Kylie resides her greatest life and dealing by means of that life objectives guidelines..

“But,” the insider warns. “Now she is having second thoughts about the marriage part of her dreams.”

To be clear, nobody is saying that she’s trying to dump Travis.

In reality, it feels like she would not flip down an engagement.

“She hopes Travis surprises her with a ring and proposes soon,” the supply claims.

If he does, the insider says, “of course she will say yes.”

So if she loves him and loves being with him and would love an engagement … why the preemptive chilly ft about marriage?

The supply continues: “but beyond that, things are more complicated now that she is a billionaire businesswoman.”

We do not usually say this about Kylie Jenner’s selections or thought course of, however … that is sensible.

“While she would love to be his fiance,” the insider says.

The supply explains: “Kylie is learning that going through with a marriage to Travis could get complicated real quick.”

Just as a result of she’s realized that marriage is sophisticated doesn’t suggest that she’s backing out of her relationship, nonetheless.

“Kylie’s plan now is just going to take it one step at a time,” the insider experiences.

“And,” the supply continues, Kylie plans to “see how it goes living with him in their new home.”

That is a good thought. Living collectively for an prolonged interval, previous the honeymoon section, is a good way to check compatibility.

The insider says that Kylie desires to see how issues go “before making any more commitments.”

So, that inside supply’s report does not precisely clarify why being a billionaire buisinesswoman makes marriage sophisticated.

It is not that Kylie worries that she’ll be too busy selling her new lip kits or no matter to be a spouse and mom. Obviously.

No, it feels like the problem is that Kylie lastly realized that she’s extremely rich — even compared to the opposite members of her household.

If she had been to get married to Travis together with her eyes closed and no prenup, she might lose an amazing sum of money in a divorce.

Travis Scott is not any pauper — he is a profitable rapper.

But in contrast to Kylie, he is virtually penniless.

Obviously, prenups exist for precisely this type of state of affairs.

It’s all types of awkward, however when there’s this big of a wealth hole and each companions are so younger, a prenup might be a good suggestion.

Spousal assist upon separation might be agreed upon prematurely.

This manner, each events go into the wedding with the information that that is about love and household, not about planning for retirement.

That mentioned, we’re fairly positive that Travis is into Kylie as a result of she’s sizzling.

It does not damage that she’s the mom of his baby.

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