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Khloe Kardashian SLAMS Kris Jenner: Stop ART-SHAMING Me!

Khloe Kardashian SLAMS Kris Jenner Stop ART SHAMING Me
Khloe Kardashian SLAMS Kris Jenner Stop ART SHAMING Me

Khloe Kardashian SLAMS Kris Jenner: Stop ART-SHAMING Me! | Wireler

Back earlier than she was feuding with Kim, we noticed Kourtney be so impolite about Khloe’s upholstery decisions that Khloe requested what crawled up Kourtney’s ass.

Well, Kourtney’s not the one one giving Khloe a tough time. In this KUWTK sneak peek clip, it is Kris’ flip.

And now Khloe is asking out Kris for, get this, “art-shaming” her. Art-shaming.

“What are those gold things?” Khloe asks her mom in a brand new preview clip from Keeping Up With The Kardashians. “Are those, like, ceramic …?”

“Those are Jeff Koons,” Kris replies.

Khloe replies: “I don’t know what a Jeff Koons is.”

Khloe’s tone of voice, as you will hear, is exactly the tone that you simply may use if a coworker brings up knowledgeable athlete once you’ve by no means watched a sports activities recreation in your total grownup life.

“He’s famous for the balloon dog,” Kris explains.

Kris has a suggestion for the way her daughter may broaden her horizons and ask fewer gauche questions.

“You need to go to, like, an art class,” Kris suggests to Khloe.

Khloe didn’t respect Kris’ artsplaining, which she felt was a condescending response to her query.

“Just because I’m not as knowledgeable as you,” Khloe protests. “You shouldn’t turn your nose up.”

“You must be like, ‘Khloe, Jeff Koons is …’ as an alternative of constructing me really feel lower than and uneducated,” Khloe suggests.

Her emotions are legitimate, however that does not essentially imply that she is just not overreacting to her mother’s phrases slightly.

Speaking to the konfessional kamera, Khloe explains her frustrations together with her mother.

“My mom has not known about art for years and years,” Khloe reveals.

Khloe continues, saying: “She’s just learning about art — which is great!”

It’s good that Khloe is not bashing her mother’s curiosity in artwork, simply what she perceives to be Kris’ newfound know-it-all tone.

“But,” Khloe says. “You can’t art-shame people just because they know less than you.”

Fun artwork truth: art-shaming is … not a factor.

“I’m your f–king daughter,” Khloe protests. “And you’re art-shaming me! And it’s mean!”

Some may argue that Kris had merely answered her query, after which provided a useful suggestion for the way Khloe might study extra.

“I don’t understand why people like to make other people feel like s–t,” Khloe laments.

“Sorry,” Kris says, beginning over. “It’s a Jeff Koons.”

This time, there isn’t a suggestion that Khloe might take an artwork class.

Kris then helpfully spells his final identify: “K-O-O-N-S.”

Sometimes people who find themselves simply studying about one thing shall be condescending about what they do know, partially to defend themselves from embarrassment about their previous ignorance.

That’s simply a part of human nature.

It’s additionally greater than attainable that Khloe was being slightly overly delicate about her mom … answering her query.

Jeff Koons is a well-known artist, however he is a contemporary artist (a number of years in the past, certainly one of his items set a document for most costly artwork of any residing artist).

It is completely comprehensible that Khloe would not know his identify. Art historical past dates again hundreds and hundreds of years, people.

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