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Kate Gosselin HATES Hannah Living With Jon!

Kate Gosselin HATES Hannah Living With Jon
Kate Gosselin HATES Hannah Living With Jon

Kate Gosselin HATES Hannah Living With Jon! | Wireler

We have realized rather a lot about Jon and Kate Gosselin’s twisted battle for Hannah, who’s allegedly presently residing along with her father and, for the primary time in her life, free from Kate’s clutches.

Unfortunately, rather a lot about Hannah’s present scenario stays unclear, aside from the truth that Kate and Jon are butting heads in court docket.

Now, a supply near the Gosselin sheds a bit of extra readability on the entire scenario.

According to what a supply tells Life & Style, Kate is agonizing over this very sophisticated scenario with Hannah and Jon.

“Kate is trying to be supportive of the situation,” the insider claims.

Is she, although? She’s been combating a vaguely outlined court docket battle with Jon just lately.

“But the truth is,” the supply reveals. “She hates that Hannah chose Jon over her.”

Now that is one thing that individuals have a straightforward time believing.

The insider shares that Kate is fearful a couple of domino impact going down amongst her youngsters.

“The problem,” the insider explains. “Is that the kids are getting older and they’re starting to ask questions.”

We all attain a degree at which we understand that our dad and mom are simply folks, and that we should not take their phrase at face worth.

“Some are still Team Mom,” the supply continues. “But Team Dad is growing.”

The insider dishes that: “It’s a very divided household.”

In our earlier report, we talked about how Jon and Kate had been merely unable to get alongside, and that they are nonetheless waging conflict in court docket.

“It’s never going to end,” the insider lamented.

Perhaps it should by the point that each one of their youngsters are adults.

“Even now, after all these years,” the supply says. “Jon’s still trying to show the world that Kate’s the furthest thing from a great mom.”

We assume that a lot of the world has a reasonably good thought of precisely the form of mom that Kate is — even when Kate would not understand it herself.

As we talked about, it’s regular for folks to appreciate that their dad and mom could make errors and are simply older human beings.

In the case of Jon and Kate’s eight youngsters, nonetheless, they don’t seem to be an bizarre household.

Their dad and mom determined to lift them on actuality tv.

Kate particularly is extensively seen to be a nightmarish and aggressive human being and has been accused of abuse.

Jon seems to be higher, in distinction, as a result of he is simply seen as a loser.

Now that their youngsters are getting older, they are going to have the ability to take a look at their lives and their childhoods and understand how irregular issues actually are of their lives with Kate.

That does not imply that they will all go working to Jon. For one factor, he clearly can not afford to handle all of them.

For one other, nonetheless, some children will cling to the life that they’ve identified. Kind of like how some children escape from cults once they’re older, however others refuse to stray.

Hannah — and, arguably, Collin — is stepping away from the life she’s identified and changing into her personal individual. Which signifies that Kate is dropping her iron grip on her children.

That means an sad Kate, who is totally going to take it out on Jon in court docket in an effort to win again management. So, yeah, they could preserve fighitng for years.

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