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Kardashian Dong Battle: Kim Says Kanye Lays Pipe Better Than Younes

Kardashian Dong Battle Kim Says Kanye Lays Pipe Better Than Younes
Kardashian Dong Battle Kim Says Kanye Lays Pipe Better Than Younes

Kardashian Dong Battle: Kim Says Kanye Lays Pipe Better Than Younes | Wireler

We’ve seen Khloe confront Kourtney over her rude-ass habits, however apparently that is solely the tip of the iceberg on the subject of Kardashian sibling squabbles.

So you understand how Younes likes bragging about scorching cougar intercourse with Kourtney? Apparently Kourtney likes bragging about their mind-blowing intercourse to anybody who’ll pay attention.

All of those brags about banging are getting on Kim’s final nerve. And now Kim and Kourtney are kompeting over who has the very best intercourse life!

HollywoodLife has the inside track on Kim and Kourtney attempting to one-up one another of their respective bedrooms.

“The girls can turn anything into a competition,” the insider reminds followers. “Even their sex lives.”

Oh no.

“Ever since Kourtney started dating Younes,” the supply continues. “She hasn’t been able to stop bragging that she’s having the best sex of her life.”

It might very properly be that she is, however it sounds prefer it’s getting underneath Kim’s pores and skin.

In truth, it appears like Kim looks like she has one thing to show on this area.

“Her constant bragging about how much great sex she’s having really annoyed Kim,” the insider shares. “And made her feel this pressure to keep up.”

That’s foolish. If somebody brags a few good restaurant, you’ll be able to go there to attempt it for your self, however it is a totally different scenario. You do not must brag about how good your lunch is.

The supply explains: “So now she’s on a mission to outdo Kourtney.”

Well, that is one approach to answer your sibling’s declarations of happiness, we suppose.

“It’s not going to be easy though,” the supply cautions.

The insider elaborates, saying: “I mean Kourtney’s dating a guy in his 20s.”

“Apparently,” the supply reveals. “His stamina is out of this world.”

As we talked about, Younes has been bragging about how good his intercourse with Kourtney is. It appears like these two are actually having fun with their relationship.

“But Kim swears Kanye has the energy of a guy half his age,” the insider says.

Well, that may very well be true, however it additionally appears like one thing {that a} man’s spouse would say if she’s feeling defensive.

The supply says: “She’s convinced that her sex life is better than Kourtney’s.”

That’s a bizarre dispute for 2 sisters to have, proper?

“Of course,” the insider continues. “They’ve tried to drag all their sisters into this.”

Oh, good, they made it worse.

“But Kylie thinks the whole thing is ridiculous,” the supply says. “And she does not like to share about what she and Travis Scott are up to.”

Thank goodness that Kylie Jenner is so wise, and different issues you do not usually count on to say.

“Kendall is all about it though,” the supply spills. “She likes listening and learning from Kim.”

As for Khloe, she’s not competing … however she’s nonetheless concerned, apparently.

“Khloe said she’s going to be the judge and rule which sister is having the best sex ever,” the insider says. “The contest between them is silly, but very real.”

This does sound very foolish, sure.

But contemplating that Kim and Kourtney had a “vagina smell-off” approach again in 2013, that is arguably not the worst competitors that they’ve had.

Poor Khloe needed to be the choose then, too.

It might very properly be that Kim and Kanye have a tremendous intercourse life.

After all, absolutely Kim needed to marry him and keep married to him regardless of the whole lot for some cause, proper? 

It may be the case that Kourtney is bragging as a result of she’s insecure about her sister’s married bliss or about different facets of her relationship with Younes and even about Scott Disick.

But we’re inclined to imagine that 

Besides, there isn’t any approach to check it. Hell, even when the sisters swap husbands and boy-toys and child daddies, that also will not present them how good different individuals’s relationships are.

It takes two to tango, and what’s good for one might not be for an additional.

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