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Kanye West Wants to Repeal the Amendment That Abolished Slavery Because He’s Batsh-t

Kanye West Wants to Repeal the Amendment That Abolished Slavery Because Hes Batsh t
Kanye West Wants to Repeal the Amendment That Abolished Slavery Because Hes Batsh t

Kanye West Wants to Repeal the Amendment That Abolished Slavery Because He’s Batsh-t | Wireler

You know you had an fascinating weekend when dressing up as an enormous bottle of Perrier in entrance of tens of millions of individuals was in some way not the most bonkers a part of it.

Yes, in case you missed Saturday Night Live this week, this is what the first musical efficiency of the present’s 44th season appeared like:

That’s Kanye in the aforementioned Perrier get-up, accompanied by Lil Pump dressed up as a bottle of Fiji.

That weird efficiency (of a track ‘Ye penned for the PornHub Awards, no much less) was briefly the speak of Twitter, nevertheless it was shortly overshadowed by much more weird habits from MAGA tradition’s second-most unpredictable mouthpiece.

Yes, Kanye is a widely known Trump supporter, and after the present, he went on a collection of weird rants in reward of the president.

Unfortunately, his views weren’t at all times totally coherent, and we expect it is secure to say nobody can be mistaking the always-effervescent Yeezy for a bottle of Smart Water any time quickly.

Things started to get political the second the present ended.

Kanye unleashed an onstage rant that wasn’t aired throughout SNL’s broadcast however did make the rounds on social media shortly thereafter.

“The 13th Amendment is slavery in disguise … meaning it never ended …  We are the solution that heals” he later tweeted, a lot to the bafflement of his followers.

In case, like Kanye, you had been too busy daydreaming about dressing up as your favourite mineral water to concentrate in civics class, the 13th Amendment abolished slavery, which suggests it is fairly odd for Kanye to name for its repeal.

Of course, that is the man who, only a few months in the past, famously acknowledged slavery was a “choice” and that blacks enslaved in America willingly took half in the system.

On Instagram, West into larger element — however he in the end left his followers simply as confused.

“This [MAGA hat] represents good and America becoming whole again,” Kanye wrote.

“We will no longer outsource to other countries. We build factories here in America to create jobs. We will provide jobs for all who are free from prisons as we abolish the 13th amendment.”

Eventually, Kanye clarified his remarks in a approach that truly made sense.

“Not abolish but. let’s amend the 13th amendment … We apply everyone’s opinions to our platform,” he tweeted on Sunday.

It appears Kanye would love to eliminate the portion of the modification which stipulates that those that have been convicted of against the law may be pressured to carry out slave labor — and we applaud him for utilizing his platform to handle that vitally vital subject.

We simply want he’d articulated his targets a bit extra clearly the first time round.

It would not look as if that clarification has finished a lot to restore Kanye’s public picture, nor did a tweet from Our Dumb President, wherein he effusively praised Kanye for taking a stand:

“Like many, I don’t watch Saturday Night Live (even though I past hosted it) – no longer funny, no talent or charm,” Trump wrote.

“It is only a political advert for the Dems.

“Word is that Kanye West, who placed on a MAGA hat after the present (regardless of being informed “no”), was nice. He’s main the cost!”

Obviously, like each different scenario involving Kanye and politics, this complete factor is exceedingly silly, and West deserves the majority of the criticism he is acquired.

But for the sake of nuance (which is usually frowned upon in 2018), we are going to say it is a little bit upsetting to see Twitter’s legion of Angry White Folks seize their digital pitchforks each time a distinguished black man dares to specific views on race and politics that they do not agree with.

Now, when you’ll excuse us, we’re gonna go disguise from the indignant extremists from either side of the spectrum who’re about to fill our feedback part with fantasies about our premature deaths.

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