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Kanye West to Drake: Stay Away From Kris Jenner and Stop Making Fun of My Sneakers!

Kanye West to Drake Stay Away From Kris Jenner and Stop Making Fun of My Sneakers
Kanye West to Drake Stay Away From Kris Jenner and Stop Making Fun of My Sneakers

Kanye West to Drake: Stay Away From Kris Jenner and Stop Making Fun of My Sneakers! | Wireler

See, this is the Kanye we have been ready for.

During his zany MAGA chud section it wasn’t that we needed Kanye to cease performing loopy — we all know that is asking far an excessive amount of.

We simply needed him to get again to get to the type of loopy we have been used to.

You know, participating in petty beefs with different celebrities, as a substitute of declaring that slavery was a alternative and telling the world he desires to play catch with Donald Trump.

Earlier this afternoon, Yeezy gave Twitter one thing to speak about by re-igniting his feud with Drake that was thought to be over.

Things obtained off to a weird begin, with Kanye revealing that Drake had requested for clearance to pattern one of his tracks.

This is an ordinary enterprise process that apparently pissed Yeezy off due to the truth that Drizzy has but to apologize for remarks he made throughout his beef with Pusha T over the summer time.

It was additionally round this time that Kanye accused Drake of implying that he had intercourse with Kim Kardashian in a single of his songs.

Obviously, there’s nonetheless some dangerous blood right here.

Kanye being Kanye, a prolonged tweet storm ensued, however it’ll most likely all be deleted by tomorrow.

We waded by the nonsense and ran all of it by our Kanye-to-English translator to deliver you these highlights.

Kanye is mad that Drake made enjoyable of the sneakers he designs: “Still need that apology for mentioning the 350s and trying to take food out your idols kids mouths”

Kanye accuses Drake of creeping on Kris Jenner and dissing Travis Scott: “Been attempting to meet with you for six months bro. You sneak dissing on trav data and texting Kris speaking bout how’s the household.”

Kanye insists he by no means instructed Push about Drake’s secret son: “I told you I ain’t tell Pusha about your son”

Kanye calls for that Drake apologize … and NOT by Scooter Braun: “Sending purple emojis   When I’m dealing with mental shit      I need my apologies now  Not through scooter either Not through Travis”

Kanye says he by no means listened to the Pusha diss tracks … that he produced: “I would never intentionally try to hurt you bro     I never even heard none of the diss records That ain’t my MO  never did a diss record”

Kanye says “let’s not get hitmen involved”: “This ain’t about who could pay to have something done to somebody    This man to man bro    This been bothering me too long”

Kanye alleges that Drake is liable for the melee at a latest Push live performance in Toronto: “Buying first two rows at Pusha show got me hot bro … Stop this already bro You getting people hurt out here And over what”

You get the thought.

It goes on like this for some time.

At first, this had the makings of an amusing old-school hip hop beef, particularly after Drake responded on Instagram:

Unfortunately, shortly thereafter, Kanye tweeted “Mission accomplished … Drake finally called.”

Sources verify to TMZ that Drake did apologize — however that does not imply all is effectively.

Kanye ended his tirade by tweeting, “By the way… not cleared,” seemingly in response to Drake’s request for a pattern.

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