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Jessica Eason Arrested “For Being a Crackhead,” David Eason Claims

Jessica Eason Arrested For Being a Crackhead David Eason Claims
Jessica Eason Arrested For Being a Crackhead David Eason Claims

Jessica Eason Arrested “For Being a Crackhead,” David Eason Claims | Wireler

The feud between Jenelle Evans and Jessica Eason — the sister of Jenelle’s troglodyte husband, David Eason — has been each very entertaining and really, very unhappy.

It’s entertaining as a result of each events are just about equally terrible, so it is a pleasure each time one in all them makes life barely extra depressing for the opposite.

But it is unhappy as a result of each Jenelle and Jessica have younger kids at house, and having mothers who can not seem to keep out of jail cannot be good for these youngsters’ psyches.

We needn’t inform you that Jenelle has been arrested extra instances than the complete roster of the 1986 Mets.

But you would possibly not have recognized that Jessica is giving Jenelle a run for her cash within the rap sheet division.

Yes, like her deplorable older brother, Jessica Eason will get arrested with about the identical frequency that most individuals fill their gasoline tanks.

Usually, the fees are drug-related, however like Jenelle, she likes to combine issues up with an assault right here and there.

Jessica’s newest brush with the legislation got here when she arrived in court docket to handle a prior arrest.

It appears she was searched upon her arrival, which was a downside, as Jessica plum forgot she had medication in her pocket.

Jessica was cuffed and thrown in jail on costs of felony possession of a Schedule II managed substance.

The people at Starcasm level out that Schedule II narcotics embrace “opium, opium extracts – fluid and powder, codeine, hydrocodone, morphine, methadone, methamphetamine, Ritalin, and Adderall.”

Jessica spent the weekend behind bars however was launched Monday morning on $5,000 bond.

The 38-year-old has been preserving a comparatively low profile ever since.

Remarkably, Jenelle hasn’t addressed the arrest both, so that you may be positive she’s at present composing the roast of the century.

But David continues to be unemployed, and he seems to have on a regular basis on the earth on his palms, so it wasn’t lengthy earlier than he took to Facebook to pontificate:

“For all you HATERS who listen to Jess’ bullsh-t, here she is in county jail on charges of being a crackhead,” he wrote.

“This is why she makes up lies and slander about me because nobody will help her support her drug habit. I don’t associate with drug addicts no matter if they’re family or not, they can never be trusted!”

Compassionate stuff.

Jess nonetheless hasn’t posted one of many huge public statements she’s recognized for, however she did handle the arrest by replying to a tweet about David’s remarks:

“I had adderall in my pocket instead of in it’s original container,” she wrote.

“I have to show proof in court today. That’s it!! Unlike him and his nasty bitch of a wife! Im not defending him anymore. That’s it! Grow up David!”

Classy stuff with this household, as all the time.

Watch Teen Mom 2 on-line to remind your self of the numerous methods through which Jenelle and David are simply the worst.

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