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Jenelle Evans: Farrah Abraham Made Me the Woman I Am Today!

Jenelle Evans Farrah Abraham Made Me the Woman I Am Today
Jenelle Evans Farrah Abraham Made Me the Woman I Am Today

Jenelle Evans: Farrah Abraham Made Me the Woman I Am Today! | Wireler

Farrah Abraham has contributed an awesome deal to society in her 27 years on this planet.

In addition to a few of the most memorable meltdowns in actuality TV historical past, we would not have such cinematic classics as Backdoor Teen Mom had been it not for Ms. Abraham’s creative imaginative and prescient.

But for all her achievements, Farrah’s most enduring contribution may be her position in bringing the divine vitality of Jenelle Evans to the plenty.

That’s proper, of us, your enjoyable Teen Mom truth of the day is a doozy:

It appears that if it weren’t for Farrah, Jenelle might need by no means auditioned for the present that made her (in)well-known.

Recently, Jenelle took to Instagram for a Q&A session with followers and one follower requested whose thought it was for the Carolina Hurricane to make a play for actuality TV fame.

“It was my idea,” Jenelle replied.

“I went to casting calls on MTV’s website after watching Farrah’s episode for the first time. I was 7 months pregnant with Jace.”

But Jenelle drew the line at a number of media shops’ claims that Farrah “inspired” her to check out for Teen Mom

“Inspired’ is a big word, lol,” Jenelle tweeted. “The show concept interested me, not her.”

As Starcasm factors out, this was the identical Q&A throughout which Jenelle revealed that she’s not planning on having extra youngsters.

While that is perhaps the finest information of the 21st century so far, it definitely wasn’t the solely spotlight.

For instance, one fan requested Jenelle what her “sober date” is.

Ms. Evans replied thusly:

“Go out to eat at STK and stuff our faces. Take some dessert to go for later. Go home watch a new movie and eat the dessert with hubby.”

Now, it is attainable that the particular person asking the query was genuinely interested by date concepts that do not contain Jaeger bombs, however a fast Google search of the time period “sober date” reveals that it often refers to the date on which a former substance abuser turned sober.

Did Jenelle know that and it was a intelligent dodge, or the much more widespread that means of the time period not happen to her?

Somehow, both means, it is traditional Jenelle. 

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