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Jamie Lynn Spears Shows Off Precious Pic of Newborn Baby Ivey Joan

Jamie Lynn Spears Shows Off Precious Pic of Newborn Baby Ivey Joan
Jamie Lynn Spears Shows Off Precious Pic of Newborn Baby Ivey Joan

Jamie Lynn Spears Shows Off Precious Pic of Newborn Baby Ivey Joan | Wireler

Back in April, Jamie Lynn Spears welcomed her new child lady! The candy little new child’s title is Ivey Joan.

Now, Jamie Lynn has shared a photograph from a household outing — together with treasured child Ivey.

The better part is that everybody is dressed up in matching outfits! Take a glance.

Do you observe sports activities a lot?

Jamie Lynn and her household certain do. More than that — Maddie performs.

The picture that you just’re about to see is not the primary time that we have seen all of them dressed up in sports activities uniforms on a household outing.

But it’s the first time that the lovely Ivey Joan has gotten to participate in that household custom.

The outcomes are completely lovely.

Jamie Lynn very succinctly captioned this picture:

“My #1’s.”

Pictured are her husband, Jamie Watson, her daughter, Maddie Aldridge, and her candy little child, Ivey Joan.

They’re all dressed up in group swag for a group known as the Louisiana Swarms.

(Yes, the mascot for it appears intensely racist, however we would fairly take that up for whoever’s accountable for it than with the followers)

The household went to cheer on Maddie as she performed baseball.

In this gif, created from a video that Jamie Lynn shared, Maddie efficiently strikes the ball with the bat after which runs, as one is meant to do in baseball.

Not solely does she make it to first base however, as you may see, she goes to second base after which third base, capitalizing on the opposing group’s incapacity to halt her progress.

Though she performs it secure on the finish fairly than attempting to run for house plate and full the rhombus, that could be a large quantity of progress to make so shortly.

Proud mother Jamie Lynn captioned the clip:

“Maddie turned her single into a triple by running hard on the other team’s error.”

This household deserves its happiness.

Back in February, Jamie Lynn marked the anniversary of her daughter’s seemingly miraculous restoration.

A yr earlier, in February of 2017, Maddie was injured in an ATV accident.

The ATV flipped over, trapping her beneath it in a pond. Maddie was unable to breathe for an alarming quantity of time.

But kids are notably resilient to mind trauma that may show deadly or life-altering to adults.

Maddie was in a position to spring again, even taking part in Valentine’s Day along with her classmates. It was lovely … and such a aid.

Everyone is so happy that Maddie recovered and is so successful story.

(Here, for the report, Jamie Lynn is holding a buddy’s new child, born solely six weeks after Ivey Joan)

Can we speak about Jamie Lynn’s post-baby physique, by the best way?

We know that she’s younger and scorching — her huge sister is Britney Freaking Spears, in spite of everything.

But being pregnant can radically remodel an individual’s physique in methods that may linger for months or years after childbirth.

As a lot as we’re impressed by Maddie’s athleticism and as a lot as we like Ivey Joan, we predict that Jamie Lynn deserves kudos for bouncing again the best way that she has.

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