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Jamie Lynn Spears: Mom-Shamed Over Young Daughter’s Gun Photo!

Jamie Lynn Spears Mom Shamed Over Young Daughters Gun Photo
Jamie Lynn Spears Mom Shamed Over Young Daughters Gun Photo

Jamie Lynn Spears: Mom-Shamed Over Young Daughter’s Gun Photo! | Wireler

Just two months in the past, Jamie Lynn Spears confirmed the primary pictures of her toddler daughter, Ivey Joan Watson.

Now, her husband is displaying off pics of her eldest daughter, Maddie Aldridge, and the photograph is proving to be controversial amongst followers.

Why? Because Maddie is wielding a shotgun and poised to go looking at solely 10 years previous.

Jamie Lynn Spears’ husband, Jamie Watson, shared a photograph of the couple’s younger daughter, Maddie Aldridge.

Maddie is 10 years previous, and famously miraculously recovered from drowning only a yr and a half in the past.

In the photograph, Maddie is standing open air and sporting a shotgun with some protecting gear over her ears.

“Getting her ready for dove season,” Jamie captioned the photograph.

Take a glance:

Followers who discovered the picture alarming had been fast to blast each Jamies — Jamie Lynn Spears and Jamie Watson — for taking her looking.

“Jesus no wonder America it’s drowning faster than the titanic,” wrote one commenter in despair.

“Put down the gun, pick up a pair of binoculars, & take a hike together,” urged one follower. “For me, teaching kids to kill when there is absolutely no need seems very, very wrong.”

“Stupid, stupid,” one other wrote succinctly.

Another took intention at a protection of the observe, writing: “Honor the outdoors by killing innocent animals? Disgusting [point of view].”

“A 10 year old with a shotgun,” one commenter lamented. “If that’s not redneck I don’t know what is.”

Maddie’s aunt Britney could be the absolute queen of pop, however she and her sister are from Louisiana. They’ve been known as some unflattering issues.

“You´re so irresponsible,” another fan wrote. “Guns are not a toy.”

“it’s ironic they post about their amazing dog (who is totally dependent on them) all the time,” somebody wrote. “When they then go and kill animals that are living their own lives minding their own business.”

This individual appears to be okay with looking when adults are doing it, however hates the thought of youngsters wielding lethal weapons, writing: “Teaching kids to kill things is weird leave that till they’re older, man.”

“Bad parents,” one other merely wrote.

As with any controversy, there have been additionally defenders.

“Welcome to the South people. If you dont like it, head out!” writes one defender, who doesn’t converse for all Southerners.

“That little girl has more talent and could completely take care of herself and she just turned 10,” that commenter continues.

Finally, that commenter laments: “Ugh I cannot stand judgement from people who know nothing about what they are looking at! Get it Maddie!”

“I’ve adopted you and @jamielynnspears for years and I so respect your admirable life that you simply stay,” one other writes.

They proceed: “Seeing celebrities permit their kids to stay regular lives that children ought to stay and in addition honor the love of out of doors no matter disapproval from some individuals is superb and provides me hope in future children!”

That commenter could also be lacking the purpose — the individuals who take subject with this do not take into account gun-toting animal-killing as a part of kids’s regular lives.

“I pray she stays like that all of her life,” the commenter concludes. “And passes it on to her kids!”

“You are a wonderful father to Maddie,” one other defender writes to Jamie Watson. “Teaching her right.”

This individual laments that so many kids take pleasure in participating storytelling and interacting with their friends utilizing electronics as a substitute of looking.

“So many kids are hung up on video games and their IPads they never see the outdoors,” the defender continues. “So kudos to you!”

It’s attention-grabbing, since a (broadly debunked) criticism of video video games is that they in some way flip kids violent, to see somebody praising looking, which includes precise, real-world violence, in its place.

Hunting is at all times going to be controversial — however it’s unclear if Jamie Watson was attempting to fire up controversy or was simply pleased with Maddie’s outdoorsy, athletic spirit.

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