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George Clooney: Meghan Markle is Gonna End Up Like Princess Di!

George Clooney Meghan Markle is Gonna End Up Like Princess
George Clooney Meghan Markle is Gonna End Up Like Princess

George Clooney: Meghan Markle is Gonna End Up Like Princess Di! | Wireler

If you have been following Meghan Markle’s profession as the primary Duchess of Sussex, then you already know her time within the highlight has been largely outlined by battle.

There’s Meghan’s feud with Kate Middleton, the neverending hate she receives from her bitter half-sister, and naturally, like nearly each royal within the trendy period, Meghan has been pressured to do battle with the British tabloid press.

Now, the Brits may need a leg up on us Yanks in lots of respects.

For instance, their racists simply look down their noses at folks of shade, whereas ours don crimson hats and take to the streets in the hunt for violent battle.

But with regards to a tabloid business that features completely with out scruples and ceaselessly crosses the road between innocuous gossip and life-destroying libel, the Brits haven’t any rival.

Part of the issue is that European public figures have little authorized recourse, and the press enjoys freedoms which might be unprecedented elsewhere within the Western world.

In many circumstances, this results in lies and misinformation spreading at an alarming price.

In excessive circumstances, it results in incidents just like the dying of Princess Diana.

Diana was killed whereas being chased by paparazzi in France, not the UK, however it was British tabloids who turned particulars of her private life right into a treasured commodity.

Now, no less than one high-profile good friend of Meghan’s sees some disturbing parallels between her turmoil and the finals days of Diana.

George Clooney was certainly one of a number of A-listers to attend Meghan and Harry’s wedding ceremony again in May, and he is warning the press to again off earlier than tragedy strikes once more.

“They’re just chasing Meghan Markle everywhere, she’s been pursued and vilified,” Clooney informed reporters at a press panel whereas selling his new Hulu sequence.

“She’s a lady who is seven months pregnant and he or she has been pursued and vilified and chased in the identical approach that Diana was and it’s historical past repeating itself.

“We’ve seen how that ends,” Clooney added in apparenty reference to Diana.

As for the rumors that Clooney will likely be godfather to Meghan and Harry’s baby, the actor says the press can go forward and get rid of that rumor put up haste.

“Oh yes, I’ll be godfather of the royals apparently,” Clooney joked with reporters earlier than including an emphatic, “No!”

“I’m a father of twins, I’ve sufficient sh– to take care of — actually,” he added.

He could have ended with a joke, however there is no mistaking the gravity of George’s warning.

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