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Exclusive: Darshan Kumar opens up on how he prepped for PM Narendra Modi, his dream role and more…

Exclusive Darshan Kumar opens up on how he prepped for
Exclusive Darshan Kumar opens up on how he prepped for

Exclusive: Darshan Kumar opens up on how he prepped for PM Narendra Modi, his dream role and extra… | Wireler

Vivek Oberoi starrer PM Narendra biopic has been within the information since its inception. The trailer of the political biographical drama has impressed the cinegoers and we predict the movie to open with first rate numbers. Actor Darshan Kumar, who performs the character of a information anchor spills about his character solely advised us… So, let’s examine what he stated…

Talking concerning the movie, Darshan stated, “Very much excited for PM Modi release. In the film, I am playing one of the best journalists in India. It was a very tough role for me because being a journalist is not an easy task. You guys work hard and you have your goals and everything and managing that is extremely difficult. So for that, I saw many interviews with journalists. I used to imagine that I am actually interviewing celebrities. So that helped a lot. It was very difficult but I think when you’ll watch the movie, you will not be disappointed.”

Talking concerning the prep he stated, “I watched political interviews to understand how to ask questions and the way you prepare for every interview. How you prepare your questions and without any fear you ask it. That’s important and that what I wanted to imbibe in me for my character.”

When requested about what message he needs to present by way of his character, he stated, “This whole story is the message. A guy, a normal guy who with dedication and sincerity became a prime minister, which is a big feat and is inspiring for everyone out there. How he is not just an Indian anymore but a global icon and people all over the world love an respect him.” The actor believes that content material continues to be the king. “In today’s time, the script is the real hero. And audience wants to see fresh concepts and stories so that’s what I want to try and do. As an actor I want to do all essay every shade if the character and do every unique role that comes my way. Also as an actor, you get a kick when you try something different and interesting with each project you do. When you are not in your comfort zone that’s when you actually become an actor and it gives you immense happiness which is rare.”

When requested about, which style he needs to discover as an actor, he stated, “I have played different roles until now, I have played a negative, positive, a Pakistani lawyer but I want to now try comedy. I want to explore the comedy genre. I have tried comedy when I did theatre and people used to appreciate it, so I would like to explore the genre in feature films too. Also, I would like to do some dance-related films or singing related films. I have taken up classical singing, I want to enhance my own capabilities and skill set through this journey.”

When requested about, what he prefers extra, viewers response or important acclaim, he replied, “The best of both worlds, I think. Both are important for me. Of course, we makes movies to entertain Janta Janardhan but yeah somewhere we also want critical acclaim because we work hard on every project, everyone works hard. So it’s best when you get a combination of both.”

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