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Elvis Presley: Conspiracy Nutjobs Say They Have Proof He’s Still Alive

Elvis Presley Conspiracy Nutjobs Say They Have Proof Hes Still
Elvis Presley Conspiracy Nutjobs Say They Have Proof Hes Still

Elvis Presley: Conspiracy Nutjobs Say They Have Proof He’s Still Alive | Wireler

Even in the event you’re solely passingly aware of his music, you in all probability know the main points of Elvis Presley’s last moments.

The King died as he lived — dogging a peanut butter, banana, and barbiturate sandwich whereas straining to provide his last mission in a fuel station lavatory stall.

We may be a bit hazy on a number of the particulars there, however the gist stays clear:

After years of onerous residing, Elvis handed away in 1977 on the age of 42.

And for causes that stay unclear to these of us who’ve by no means worn a tinfoil hat or bought a single copy of the Enquirer, thousands and thousands of persons are satisfied the rock legend faked his personal loss of life and spent the previous 4 many years hiding from the general public eye.

Theories as to why and the way probably the most well-known males on the planet pulled off such a disappearing fluctuate wildly.

But all of the conspiracy theorists appear to agree on sure key factors.

They imagine that identical to Tupac and numerous Nazi battle criminals, Elvis determined he can be happier residing out his days in nameless solitude, and he staged a untimely passing earlier than fleeing to a tropical hideaway.

Now, the top circumstances who proceed to perpetuate this lunacy have uncovered what they declare is definitive proof that Elvis is alive and nicely and unloading his .45 right into a flatscreen someplace within the neighborhood of Johnny Depp’s personal island.

That’s video of a press convention held simply previous to Elvis’ 1970 efficiency on the Houston Astrodome.

And how might footage taken seven years previous to Presley’s passing probably function proof that he faked his personal loss of life?

We’re glad you requested, hypothetical reader who’s truly giving this sh-t some thought!

Elvis had a twin brother who died at delivery, and conspiracy theorists have lengthy held that the unfortunately-named Jesse Presley truly survived to maturity, however lived his life in hiding — rising solely sometimes to function his brother’s physique double.

These folks imagine the video above exhibits Jesse masquerading as his twin, and so they declare the proof is in his brown eyes (Elvis was well-known for his child blues) and fidgety demeanor.

“In this video, one can clearly see the brown eyes and the mannerisms as being different from that of Elvis! That is because this interview was done by Jesse Garon Presley.” wrote one commenter. 

“I’ve seen this before I knew it was Jesse and not Elvis as he was not comfortable,” a second fan echoed.

“I noticed that too,” a 3rd wrote. “I also noticed that Jesse could not answer all of the questions about the events in Elvis’ life.”

Obviously, this principle’s received extra holes than a lesbian gangbang, starting with the truth that Elvis wasn’t born well-known, which implies there would have been no motive to cover his brother to be used as a future stand-in.

But let’s play nutjob’s advocate for a bit and fake Jesse truly spent his life filling in as Counterfeit Elvis:

If he had been making appearances on his brother’s behalf as early as 1970, could not that imply Elvis truly died means earlier than we thought, and it was Jesse who misplaced his life in that Memphis filling station in ’77?

We suppose it is time to face info, Elvis truthers:

Despite your entire compelling “evidence” (His identify is an anagram for “lives!”) Elvis left the constructing a really very long time in the past,

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