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Duggar Date Nights Are Every Bit as Lame as You Would Expect

who is the most beloved duggar fans think theyve figured it out
who is the most beloved duggar fans think theyve figured it out

Duggar Date Nights Are Every Bit as Lame as You Would Expect | Wireler

For as a lot richly-deserved criticism as the Duggars appeal to on-line, Jim Bob and Michelle’s offspring truly possess many fantastic qualities.

They prioritize household; they appear to have robust work ethics and really eager instincts in the case of pulling in huge bucks; and for as a lot flak as they’ve taken for his or her mildly-creepy perma-grins, the members of Arkanas’ third most well-known household (it is robust to high the Clintons and Waltons), we will not assist however admire these youngsters for his or her sunny tendencies.

The listing of repugnant qualities demonstrated by the Tontitown 20, nevertheless, is simply too lengthy to duplicate right here.

The Duggars assume they’re extremely witty, when in actuality, they’re about as humorous as a recurring dream through which a blindfolded Willem Defoe offers you a root canal underneath strobe lights whereas German loss of life metallic blares from a wall of audio system.

(C’mon, nobody else has that dream?)

Obviously, humor is subjective and yada, yada, yada, nevertheless it appears unimaginable that anybody is popping into Counting On for the laughs.

And but, the Duggars and their producers are hell-bent on delivering scenes just like the thrift store-related prank within the clip above.

Apparently, three Duggar {couples} went thrift retailer buying earlier than their triple-date, with the ladies choosing outfits for the blokes to put on.

We’ll depart it as much as you to resolve if that is a enjoyable thought or the results of intense boredom from a bunch of twenty-somethings who dwell in the midst of nowhere and are not allowed to bask in intoxicants or non-procreative intercourse.

Anyway, Lauren Swanson is making an attempt to shake her fame as essentially the most awkward Duggar spouse by exhibiting her enjoyable facet — which on this case means pranking her husband.

“Josiah’s played many a pranks [sic] on many people including me, and I wanted to pay him back,” mentioned Lauren within the breathy whisper that is led to rumors of heavy sedation.

So how did she get her husband again for all these months of cellophane over the bathroom seat or no matter?

Well, by … convincing him to put on a bathrobe.

Yes, Lauren hit Josiah with a prank outfit earlier than revealing his actual one and the outcomes had been … feigned gentle amusement?

“Sometimes, it’s easier to dish it out then it is to take it,” commented Jessa, as although Josiah had truly been pranked in any kind of consequential means

“Josiah’s probably a little bit nervous. He’s thinking, is this really my outfit? Am I really gonna have to wear this out in public?” she added.

Sure, he might need been pondering that.

Josiah, in fact, provided his personal insights on the gag.

“I look like a college student in med school walking out of his … I don’t know, apartment or something,” he noticed.

It appears that “dorm” is the phrase he was on the lookout for.

Sadly, Duggar youngsters aren’t allowed to consider school, so we guess you may’t blame him for that one.

“The thing looked … horrible,” Josiah added, providing additional proof that his fame as “the funny Duggar” could also be in want of re-evaluation.

But hey, at the least they’re making an attempt, proper?

As for the opposite guys, Ben and Joseph had been wearing old-timey cardigans and sweater vests by their wives.

We guess that was a part of the prank, however their outfits truly appeared means higher than the Arkansas Razorbacks tee-jorts combo these guys often rock.

Maybe this was all some kind of post-comedy meta-prank on the viewer.

If so, the Duggars are true trailblazers, and we salute them.

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