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Duggar Brainwashing Scandal: Are Rebellious Kids Being “Reprogrammed”?!

who is the most beloved duggar fans think theyve figured it out
who is the most beloved duggar fans think theyve figured it out

Duggar Brainwashing Scandal: Are Rebellious Kids Being “Reprogrammed”?! | Wireler

One hardly ever sees a critique of the Duggar household that does not embrace the phrase “cult.”

And it is simple to see why all however the household’s most diehard followers are in a position to acknowledge that their explicit model of fundamentalist Southern Baptism bears most of the hallmark distinctions of a harmful band of zealots.

For instance, the Duggars are cautious of outsiders.

Dissent and rebel are usually not tolerated inside their ranks and are swiftly handled, typically with harsh punishments.

Women are subservient to males and are pressured to stick to strict laws relating to their clothes and conduct.

They take part in ritualistic animal sacrifices in an effort to appease their fertility god, Ra’aa’al.

Okay, we might have made that final one up, however you get the purpose.

The Institute for Basic Life Principles — the group that is supplied the idea for the Duggars’ controversial perception system — is fairly unabashed in its cultishness, and the Duggars proudly stay their lives in line with the teachings of its disgraced founder Bill Gothard.

So make of that what you’ll.

Anyone who’s escaped a cult will inform you that self-discipline is the glue that holds such teams collectively, and anybody who’s ever been a young person is aware of that perpetually cheerful tendencies and voluntary celibacy are two issues that don’t come naturally to the pubescent set.

And but we do not hear a lot about how the Duggars self-discipline their older youngsters.

We learn about such controversial practices as “blanket training” for youthful youngsters, however certainly even a apply as extreme as hanging toddlers with blunt objects would not be sufficient to foster a lifetime of blind obedience.

In reality, one would assume that in lots of instances it will trigger youngsters to lash out of their teen years.

So why do not we ever hear about Jim Bob and Michelle grounding their youngsters or forcing them to go to mattress with out devouring a steam tray stuffed with deep-fried Crisco first?

Well, in line with a brand new report from Life & Style, it is as a result of rebellious Duggar teenagers aren’t revealed — they’re quietly despatched away to be “re-programmed.”

Josiah Duggar is the newest sufferer of this apply, however he is removed from the primary.

Josiah is claimed to be probably the most rebellious Duggar boy, and Jim Bob reportedly tried to suppress this streak by sending him away for an additional lengthy stint at a secretive IBLP facility generally known as the ALERT Academy.

Joe and Jeremiah additionally did time within the clandestine boot camp-like program, however they weren’t there for practically so long as Josiah, who was gone from the Duggar compound for a lot of 2013 and 2014.

When he returned, Jim Bob should have been glad with the outcomes, as Josiah was promptly tossed right into a courtship with Marjorie Jackson.

Unfortunately, it should have been an excessive amount of too quickly, as Josiah and Marjorie broke up after only a few weeks of relationship — a transfer that is nearly extraordinary in Duggar courtships.

After that, Josiah as soon as once more “kept a low profile” for a number of months.

But it is not simply Duggar boys who’re shipped off to obtain the Clockwork Orange therapy after they present indicators of unbiased thought.

Girls serve their time within the equally controversial Journey of the Heart program.

Jana Duggar was despatched there in her youth, and she or he returned as precisely the type of docile super-servant her mother and father wanted.

“Jana used to be very outgoing,” John-David as soon as remarked of the change in her character.

“Whenever she was younger, she was very rowdy.” 

A rowdy younger lady? 

Well, we won’t have that, now can we?

Of course, probably the most regularly brainwashed Duggar is Josh, who was shipped off to ALERT after he was caught molesting 5 younger women.

As an grownup, the therapy was repeated at a faith-based in-patient facility for intercourse addicts that is been described as a prison-like workcamp.

In Josh’s case, such therapy is definitely deserved.

Unfortunately, the cerebral scrub-down wasn’t sufficient to maintain from performing like Arkansas’ reply to Harvey Weinstein.

Watch Counting On on-line for extra on actuality TV’s most controversial household.

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