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Dog the Bounty Hunter Rescued Tiger Woods’ Mistress From a Drug Den Because 2018 Is the Weirdest

Dog the Bounty Hunter Rescued Tiger Woods Mistress From a Drug Den Because 2018 Is the Weirdest
Dog the Bounty Hunter Rescued Tiger Woods Mistress From a Drug Den Because 2018 Is the Weirdest
Written by Bill.Goldberg

Dog the Bounty Hunter Rescued Tiger Woods’ Mistress From a Drug Den Because 2018 Is the Weirdest | Wireler

Folks, we’re gonna step into the Wayback Machine for a second and transport you on to 2009.

A fresh-faced Barack Obama had simply moved into the White House; the world financial system was nonetheless reeling from the Great Recession; and the Tiger Woods dishonest scandal dominated tabloid headlines.

For our youthful readers who might not keep in mind the revelation that Woods’ obsession with holes prolonged past the golf course, permit us to summarize it thusly:

Tiger Woods slept with all the girls.

Actually, to be honest, it isn’t completely clear if he was nonetheless sleeping together with his spouse with any regularity, however in 2009, he was undoubtedly banging everybody who wasn’t his spouse.

Another determine from the bygone oughts who elements into at present’s sordid story is Duane Chapman, in any other case often called Dog the Bounty Hunter.

There was a time when networks had been allowed to provide actuality exhibits that targeted on issues apart from actual property and replica.

During this time, Dog reigned supreme, combining the most bonkers components of Cops and Intervention to type a bizarre hybrid product wherein he would sort out individuals after which lecture them about their life decisions.

How do the tales of those two fallen heroes intersect?

Well to elucidate that, we have to introduce you to Jamie Jungers.

Jungers was certainly one of Woods’ mistresses, and it appears her life hit the skids in a main manner in the years since she parted methods with the golfer.

Fortunately, Dog emerged from retirement to return to Jamie’s rescue.

In a wild interview with Radar Online, Chapman tells the story of saving Jungers’ life by rescuing her from a drug home the place she was exchanging sexual favors for heroin:

“She was 88 kilos after we received her and the handcuffs wouldn’t even go on her wrists as a result of they had been so skinny. She was going to die in the subsequent few weeks,” Dog tells Radar.

“These guys had been holding her in a home the place she was giving sexual favors for medicine,” he provides.

“She instructed me she was buying and selling medicine for intercourse with guys at 4 or 5 homes.”

Hilariously, Chapman thinks we have to know the professions of Jamie’s johns:

“One was the high investigator for certainly one of the largest insurance coverage corporations in the U.S. Another man was in building,” he tells the web site.

Champman goes on to say that Jungers totally blames Woods for the present state of her life:

“She stated she blames Tiger,” he reveals.

“She stated all these soiled motherf–kers needed to f–k me simply because I had f–ked Tiger Woods, and earlier than I knew all of it these individuals had been coming into my life due to medicine and I’m a f–cking junkie now and I hate it.”

Well, Tiger is likely to be partially accountable, nevertheless it looks as if there’s a lot of blame to go round on this case.

This has been the first in what we hope will likely be many installments of Dog vs. Tiger.

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