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Bill Cosby: Living the Good Life Behind Bars?

bill cosby retrial lawyers move to exclude 19 prejudicial accusers from testifying
bill cosby retrial lawyers move to exclude 19 prejudicial accusers from testifying

Bill Cosby: Living the Good Life Behind Bars? | Wireler

When Bill Cosby was lastly held accountable for a minimum of certainly one of his many (alleged) intercourse crimes, it was tempting to breathe a sigh of reduction.

Yes, greater than 60 girls accused Cosby of sexual assault, and sure, he was solely placed on trial for a kind of alleged assaults.

But a minimum of a strong predator was convicted and despatched to jail, and absolutely that have to be an indication that nobody — no matter their degree wealth and fame — is above the regulation in America. Right?

Well, sadly, even in the case of disgraced monsters like Cosby, cash and clout can repair nearly each downside that may come up in life.

Cosby’s huge fortune proved inadequate to maintain him out of jail — nevertheless it appears it is making life as an inmate way more comfy than it ought to be.

“In jail, Mr. Cosby is No. 1,” Phil DiPietro — an ex-con who served his time alongside Cosby — not too long ago informed Radar in an interview.

“You wouldn’t consider the luxuries afforded to him. He has extra privateness and assist than if he was again residing at his property,” DiPietro added.

DiPietro goes on to clarify that in jail, meals usually serves as a type of forex.

And apparently, the former Jell-O pitchman’s prodigious urge for food equates to extra energy for his fellow prisoners, which has made him fairly a preferred determine on his cellblock.

“Each inmate, no matter their placement or unit, receives the identical quantity of meals,” stated DiPietro.

“But being in the same unit as Cosby, we had the privilege of ordering twice as much commissary per week because Cosby doesn’t eat most of the prison food — and he buys everyone on the block something on each order!”

DiPietro says that jail authorities did their greatest to brace the inmates for Cosby’s arrival.

“The prison gave us a lecture, informing us that ‘due to the presence of America’s most high-profile inmate,’ we would be granted extra yard time, first dibs on meals, and they even created a system that allowed us to file complaints — without having to wait for the typical three-week period,” he informed Radar.

Despite the added perks, DiPietro says he was resentful of Cosby’s have an effect on on life behind jail partitions.

“The guards should be more focused on the rehabilitation of inmates,” he informed Radar.

“Instead, it seems all they are interested in is befriending a sicko like Cosby!”

Cosby is serving a sentence of three to 10 years for the sexual assault of Andrea Constand.

He will likely be eligible for parole in 2021.

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