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Ashley Jacobs: Kathryn Dennis is LYING About Being Sober!

Ashley Jacobs Kathryn Dennis is LYING About Being Sober
Ashley Jacobs Kathryn Dennis is LYING About Being Sober

Ashley Jacobs: Kathryn Dennis is LYING About Being Sober! | Wireler

One lady’s redemption arc is one other lady’s villain origin story — however is every little thing because it seems?

Former Southern Charm villain Ashley Jacobs says that she by no means wished to be Kathryn Dennis’ enemy.

But Ashley additionally says that Kathryn is not sober and has by no means been sober, and that her journey to rehab was a publicity stunt.

Ashley Jacobs took to Instagram to speak with followers … and he or she started by sharing that she was requested to return to Southern Charm.

(Others, together with Patricia Altschul, have steered that Ashley was by no means invited again)

“They wanted me to film with Eliza Limehouse and one other cast member,” Ashley claims.

Ashley even furnishes further particulars, writing: “They asked us to film while getting our nails done.”

“Kathryn and Eliza do not get along,” Ashley shares. “So it felt like a setup.”

Ashley and Kathryn’s feud was a significant storyline final season.

“My intent is to not damage her,” Ashley says.

Contrary to the way it has appeared, Ashley writes: “I’ve no animosity in direction of her.”

You understand how typically a dialogue appears settled, after which somebody texts I simply assume it is humorous that

That’s what Ashley does right here.

“But I think it’s wrong to pretend you are sober and to use it as a platform if it’s not true,” Ashley writes.

Ashley explains that she objects to Kathryn’s alleged lies as a result of they’re an insult to actual sober people.

“There are people that are truly trying to turn their lives around,” Ashley says.

She insists that: “It’s not something you lie about.”

Ashley, we must always in all probability notice, is a registered nurse.

People within the medical career may be notably delicate to what habit can do to folks.

“Considering [Kathryn]was seen at [Vintage Lounge] and several [other] bars on Saturday night drinking… I think it’s pretty clear,” Ashley concludes.

Ashley then doubles down on her insistence that Ashley is not and has not been sober.

“She was never sober,” Ashley insists. “Rehab was paid for by Bravo.”

“She didn’t full this system,” Ashley claims. “It was a publicity stunt.”

“As soon as she came back to Charleston she was seen drinking at Halls, Vintage, Deco, Republic… the list goes on,” Ashley experiences.

“She doesn’t try to hide it,” Ashley provides.

“In Charleston everyone is aware,” she says to elucidate that she’s not beginning this rumor. “I’m not broadcasting it.”

“In Charleston everyone knows,” Ashley repeats. “She just hides it well on social media.”

Despite having simply put Kathryn on blast and accusing her of being a mendacity hypocrite in addition to an addict, Ashley laments that they are not pals.

“The interesting thing is,” Ashley factors out. “She was painted as the villain for several seasons.”

Yep. And then, very notably, Kathryn grew to become a way more chill individual.

“I know she understands what I am going through,” Ashley says.

“I wish we could have used the common ground as a foundation for a positive relationship,” Ashley says.

If Ashley actually did hope to change into pals with Kathryn, these feedback aren’t the best way to do it.

Perhaps she simply figures that it is too late anyway.

We should say that courting Kathryn’s ex who is additionally her child daddy was in all probability not the finest approach to make an excellent first impression.

Also, no quantity of “editing” may make their on-camera interactions final season appear something however hostile.

We know that Ashley has admitted that she didn’t reply properly to being on a realtiy present.

(We are additionally absolutely conscious of the best way that Thomas would bait her into getting upset, as was identified by the opposite stars)

But finally, Ashley selected to have an adversarial relationship with Kathryn.

As for Ashley’s accusation towards Kathryn … we clearly cannot vouch for them.

We can verify that Ashley examined optimistic for marijuana (who cares) and cocaine (okay that one’s not splendid) in her system.

It was due to that drug take a look at that Thomas acquired custody of their kids. Only this summer time did Kathryn begin combating again.

While Kathryn has spoken about her sobriety, that phrase can imply various things to totally different folks.

Some folks get sober from laborious medicine however proceed to make use of marijuana, usually as a medication.

Others may do the identical however proceed to drink alcohol, particularly socially.

That stated, we’re not saying that this is what Kathryn is doing.

We’re inclined to take Ashley’s statements with a grain of salt.

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