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Aly Raisman Warns Bachelor Fans: Colton Underwood Is a Selfish Jerk!

Aly Raisman Warns Bachelor Fans Colton Underwood Is a Selfish Jerk
Aly Raisman Warns Bachelor Fans Colton Underwood Is a Selfish Jerk

Aly Raisman Warns Bachelor Fans: Colton Underwood Is a Selfish Jerk! | Wireler

Right after Labor Day, Colton Underwood was confirmed as the following Bachelor.

Some followers are very excited, however different members of the Bachelor Nation are nonetheless a little cautious of him.

According to what his ex, famed Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman, wrote in her e book, this subsequent season of The Bachelor could possibly be worse than Arie’s. …

While Aly Raisman didn’t name out Colton by title in her e book, FierceRadarOnline studies that she describes an sad encounter with a man who might solely be the following Bachelor.

“A professional athlete I’d been talking to for a while had invited me to visit him and watch one of his games,” Aly wrote.

Aly stated that she had taken him up on his invitation regardless of the journey distance as a result of “I figured I could use a distraction.”

“Saturday went well,” she shared, talking of the day earlier than the sport. “The guy was attentive and fun, and we seemed to be having a good time.”

Aly reveals: “But when I met him Sunday after his game, he had turned into a completely different person.”

“We were in his car when I made a move to change the radio station,” she says.

This, apparently, is when issues actually went south.

“‘Don’t contact the music,’ he snapped,” Aly studies.

“I thought he was joking,” Aly explains. “So I continued to reach for the stereo buttons.”

“‘I’m not kidding — don’t contact it,’ he stated sharply,” she narrates.

According to her, this good-looking gentleman had some very ugly reasoning for insisting that he management the radio.

She studies that he informed her: “‘I just played a game, and you just sat and watched. You haven’t performed something right now.'”

“‘So we’ re going to listen to this sports radio station,'” she says that he stated. “‘I want to hear what they say about me.’”


“I sat silently for the rest of the car ride,” Aly reveals. “I couldn’t wait to get out.”

We can think about.

“I felt embarrassed,” after the incident, Aly admits.

“But,” she provides, she felt “also angry that I had traveled to see someone who treated me so disrespectfully.”

No one has the fitting to talk to anybody in the way in which that she describes. Apparently, the remainder of the day did not actually enhance upon her expertise.

“He was glued to his phone and ignored me as we sat and ate dinner,” she reveals.

Phone use is a regular a part of life, but when somebody flies out to see you for a weekend, perhaps be much less of a jerk.

“When I left for the airport,” Aly shared. “He hardly said good-bye.”

Speaking of this man — whom many consider to have been Colton — reminds us of Raven Gates’ phrases of warning.

“I simply don’t assume his intentions are good,” Raven informed Tia Booth on Bachelor in Paradise.

“First of all, Colton’s previous relationship historical past has been the It Girl,” Raven reasoned. “You’re the It Girl from your season, and he reached out to you.”

“And then he went on Becca’s season, and now he’s back with you,” Raven identified. “All of his actions have said something different…”

Raven implored Tia: “You have to really see the true person that Colton is.”

That’s a honest level. People may need a exhausting time seeing previous Colton Underwood’s virginity and his smile and his basic handsomeness.

Just as a result of a man’s clearly not simply out to get in your pants doesn’t suggest that he does not have an agenda.

If Raven is true, then Colton simply gravitates in direction of the most well-liked lady round and makes use of her like an adjunct to advertise himself.

If Aly was actually speaking about Colton in her e book, then it appears like he has some main entitlement points and might be a egocentric jerk generally.

Besides, if the Bachelor Nation is true about Colton not likely being a virgin, then he may additionally be a enormous liar.

What are we getting ourselves into with this subsequent season?

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