The best PC gaming headsets 2020: the best gaming headsets on the market


The best gaming headsets make the shortlist of most important peripherals for any gaming setup. Poor audio is a quick way to ruin any immersive experience, whether you’re traversing an open world or sniping opponents in the best PC games. Once you’ve gotten the best gaming PC and paired it with the best gaming monitor, it’s time to focus on the audio and getting one of the best gaming headsets available is most gamers’ best bet for great sound.

Instead of having out of balance sound (such as too tinny or bass-y), the best gaming headsets help bring the sound in games, movies and music to life. Not only will they sound better but the best gaming headsets bring depth to the sound with excellent sound staging and surround sound. In fact, some offer virtual surround sound as part of their feature set. The best gaming headsets also cater to gamers with appropriate aesthetics such as RGB lighting and by making the cans as comfortable as possible for long gaming sessions. And while it’s always a good idea to invest in decent computer speakers, sometimes thin walls or loud fans necessitate relying on the best gaming headsets instead.

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